Christopher Batey

System architecture, platform engineering and performance consulting.


I offer holistic system consulting either for new systems or to evaluate the state of an existing system. An engagement typically either covers every aspect of the system or a specialised review of one of the topics below.

For engagements over a week I work with Core Engineering Consulting Group. They have a pool of senior consultants that specialise in:

  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Platform engineering with engineers who have run Kubernetes in production since version 0.8
  • Google Cloud, AWS, and hybrid setups

System architecture

System architecture covers everything that is hard to change later. Picking the right inter-service communication, database technology, database access (i.e. CRUD vs Eventing sourcing) all have implications on performance, reliability, and availability.

Platform engineering

Most organisations, perhaps under a different name, are building a Platform as a Service. Getting the right trade off between ease, i.e. off shelf cloud services, vs flexibility is key.


Containers offer a brilliant handoff between development teams and platform/infrastructure teams. Container strategies range from managed services such as Google's Cloud Run all the way to building out your own Kubernetes clusters. How to pick the right strategy and upskill developers and your infrastructure teams.