As a software engineer of over 15 years I have worked with countless programming languages and technologies. I specialise in what are traditionally two distinct roles:

  • Hardcore JVM developer
  • Platform engineer

As a JVM developer I’ve deployed 100s of JVM services to production. I am one of the main contributors to Akka, a JVM concurrency and distributed systems library, as well as an expert and infrequent contributor to Apache Cassandra, a distributed database written in Java.

I’ve also worked as a Platform Engineer and SRE, having deployed Kubernetes to production starting with version 0.8.

Knowledge in these two areas allow me to work on the design and implementation of full systems, from the infrastructure, database selection, all the way to tuning the application in production.

I do all my work through CECG, a high end consultancy specialising in infrastructure, containers, and continuous deployment. If you want to work with me then get in touch

You can also reach me on twitter at @chbatey.