Co-locating Akka Cluster Shards with Kafka Partitions

A demonstartion of how to do co-located distributed processing with Akka Cluster and Kafka. Assumes existing knowledge of Akka Cluster.

Building responsive, scalable systems with asynchrony and flow control

What are reliable ways of building responsive and scalable services? What does it means for our programs to be asynchronous and back pressured and why is it important? This talks aims to answer these questions.

The JVM and Docker: A good idea?

A talk from 2016, the JVM has moved on since this talk but it still contains lots of useful information. For an upto date deep dive course for running Java application in containers you can take my course on the topic.

The Java developer’s guide to Asynchronous programming

All about Futures, CompletableFutures, and ListenableFutures.

Dynamo: the paper that changed the database world

The dynamo paper.